If someone had told me before the show last night what I was going to see, I wouldn't have believed them. While I was watching it, I didn't quite believe it. A day later I am wondering if I believe it, or if I dreamed it.”

Stephen Mosher

With sensibilities and sounds that harken back to the likes of Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Simon and Garfunkel, Cat Stevens and The Beatles, these six simple tracks dive deep into poetry of lyric, originality of melody, generosity of emotion, and profundity of message. Just try to get through your first playing of the album without hitting the replay button on your device - be sure to clock all the emotions you experience from the philosophical exploration riding on the wave of melodic sophistication.”

Broadway World


We’re The Drinkwater Brothers. We’re identical twin brothers from New York who grew up playing, writing, and loving music together. A lot of the music that we love to play is from well before our time: everything from classic blues/rock and roll like BB King and Elvis, to classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, all the way through to current artists like John Mayer, Cold Play, Hozier, and everything in between. From playing together in our basement at the age of 8, through playing our first paid live music gigs at bars and restaurants our junior year of high school, to now headlining some of the biggest stages and venues in NYC (Birdland, 54 Below, The Town Hall, The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and many more). We’ve played big shows with a band of some of the greatest musicians in the world behind us, all the way down to acoustic shows as only a duo. We’ve been critically acclaimed for our performances and shows at some of the biggest clubs and venues in the world and have been nominated for multiple NYC music and cabaret awards including the MAC Awards and the Bistro Awards. Along with that, we’ve amassed a large online following both nationally and internationally. We have over 35k followers across all platforms and millions of views on our Instagram videos. We have over a million listens on our original music across all platforms as well as over 350k streams and 120k listeners on Spotify alone. We’ve self recorded and released over 20 original songs which have been streamed, downloaded, and played on the radio worldwide, and have a new album releasing in the fall. We’ve made it a point to show our fans our personalities in more than just our music alone with tons of live streamed shows, funny content, and Q and As. In this way we’ve been lucky to build a very loyal fan base that we feel very connected to. The next step for us is to get out and start touring. The more we play, the more fans we’ve gathered so that feels to be the next path in our music journey. But either way we love just playing together no matter who’s listening or where it is.







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